Being lean doesn’t mean being mean Lean StartUp

Being lean doesn’t mean being mean.    Or, working yourself down to skin and bone. It doesn't mean either to brute force results or even to be brutally efficient. What does it mean to be lean? I have the good fortune of being part of a start-up consulting firm. To us, being...

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What does a Culture of Commitment feel like in an organization? Article #2

More often, organizations pervert the notion of the Sprint “commitment” with crushing delivery pressure or a lack of a support structure that allows a real commitment culture to take hold. For these environments, you can see the team do a collective “Whatever!” when Sprint Planning...

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Is your test automation portfolio ready for acceleration? Or will it slow you down?

We have all heard of the test pyramid, and the importance of a well-formed base of unit tests, a highly flexible set of integration tests and UI test automation that supports multi-browser validation and simple use case validation. I particularly like the presentation of the...

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How can Agile make you faster, more innovative, and competitive?

What is Agile? And, how can it make you faster, more innovative, and competitive? In today’s business environment, how is your organization remaining relevant? Is it investing in innovation? Is your organization feeling pressures to deliver products to the market faster in order to remain...

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