Fostering a Culture of Commitment – Dedicated to achieving Sprint Goals Article #5

So, creating a dedicated team sounds good on paper, but making this a reality is often harder in most organizations. The hardest part of moving to dedication of team members is first believing that the benefits are worth enduring the pain that often accompanies this...

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How does an organization foster a Culture of Commitment? Article #4

Now that you are hopefully convinced that you want your organization to be steeped in a Culture of Commitment, how do you infuse the CofC in your company’s DNA? The “Culture of Commitment enabling” markers your teams need to strive for are depicted below. The...

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Q&A with Joe Campbell: On DevOps Part 2:New Tools, Metrics, and Lessons of Continuous Delivery headshot_ofJoe_fromsean

Welcome to Interview Series!  In this Series, we ask questions that you submit through our social media channels to our consulting practice leaders. So, here we go with Part 2 of our first Interview in the series:  Today, we are speaking with Joe Campbell. Joe...

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Why is a Culture of Commitment so impactful in an organization? Article #3

Having played senior leadership roles in many solutions delivery organizations, we have witnessed both the presence and absence of a Culture of Commitment. In organizations where the Culture of Commitment (CofC) is missing - especially organizations that claim to be “Agile” – there is primarily...

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