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The AgileTrailblazers® transformation service is an assessment of your organization's structure, work flow, systems, and talent to realign these elements to realize Continuous Business Value Delivery® (CBVD).

Jumpstart your Transformation

We understand the importance of ensuring that your leadership team understands the benefits of the transformation, establishes a shared vision and commits to the journey.

What makes us different?

Trailblazers will bring our proven change management capabilities to support your business transformation. AgileTrailblazers have been senior leaders, not simply coaches, of significantly large scale agile transformations. Based on our experience, we have mapped the patterns of successful agile transformation and developed the CBVD® tool set to effectively minimize the transformation timeline and maximize results.  We save you both time and money by demonstrating what works and what doesn’t – fast. 


The CBVD Process - Our Secret Sauce

Continuous Business Value Delivery® (CBVD) is a specialized assessment and advisory framework focused on ensuring you are delivering the right product at the right time to your target market.

CBVD® uses our tried and tested methodologies to produce measurable results. It encompasses:

  • Injecting innovative leadership and management practices into your organization
  • Implementing repeatable technical practices to accelerate and strengthen your business
  • Coaching high-performing teams on rapid solution delivery
  • Cultivating internal champions to sustain process improvements


Using our CBVD tools and techniques, we assess four core capabilities of your organization:                                                        

  • Speed Your organization’s ability to deliver products and services faster than the competition
  • Scalability – The ability to grow your organization with repeatable and scalable patterns to meet growing market demand.
  • Quality – Creating products and services that customers value, thereby creating credibility for your company.
  • Adaptability – Anticipate and respond to market demands faster than the competition by creating a nimble organization.


We take company strategies and re-vamp the way teams

collaborate and work together.

Here is how we do it.


Explore our Transformation Services

Agile Team Transformation

Optimize your Scrum or Kanban process
Improve team dynamics
Strengthen Scrum Master and Product Owner roles


Agile Product Management Transformation

Create agile roadmaps
Prioritize product backlogs to maximize value delivery
Iteratively launch minimum marketable solutions


Agile Quality Engineering Transformation

Automate your test suites
Incrementally validate features
Implement Test Driven Development

What our clients said about their business transformation

Jim Montagnino, CEO NC4

As with any software company, you want to do the best you can for your customers and to provide a quality solution on time and on target. With a diverse product line whose mission is to revolutionize safety and security, we needed to focus on the disciplines that would make us the most successful across the company.

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