Continuous Business Value Delivery®

Continuous Business Value Delivery® (CBVD) is a specialized organizational design and advisory framework that enables enterprises to deliver the right products at the right time.

CBVD® uses our tried and tested methodologies to produce measurable results. It encompasses:

  • Injecting innovative agile leadership and management practices into your organization
  • Leading agile technical practices to stimulate and strengthen your business
  • Ensuring your organization has sustainable core capabilities
  • Facilitating a high-performing solution delivery cadence
  • Propelling you towards Continuous Business Value Delivery® – delivering the right product at the right time to your target market.



img2The core components of CBVD® are:

Speed – Your organization’s ability to deliver products and services faster than the competition.

Scalability – The ability to grow your organization with repeatable and scalable patterns to meet growing market demand.

Quality – Creating products and services that customers value, thereby creating credibility for your company.

Adaptability – Anticipate and respond to market demands faster than the competition by creating a nimble organization.
Continuous Business Value Delivery® is the target for your journey to agility. Let our AgileGPS® tools and techniques guide you in this transformation to maximize the solution delivery outcomes in minimal time.