Agile Product Management Transformation

We assess the key areas that impact a product management team's ablity to create compelling roadmaps, epics and user stories focused on delivering valuable solutions to customers at a rapid as well as a sustainable pace.

Key Assessment Areas:

  • Creating Agile roadmaps and release plans
  • Eliciting and documenting  epics, features and user stories
  • Strategies for effective backlog grooming and prioritization
  • Clearly defined acceptance criteria and iterative validation of features
  • Leveraging minimal viable products to obtain customer feedback

What Results to Expect:

  • Product Roadmaps are agile and emergent
  • Epics, Features as well as User Stories are well documented and clearly understood
  • Effective prioritization strategies are used to ensure that the team is focused on the most valuable capabilities
  • Solutions are iteratively developed and validated by product owners
  • Customer feedback is obtained using MVPs

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