Big Apple Scrum Day 2016 - Consulting Clinic 

New York - May, 16th 2016


About Big Apple Scrum Day

Big Apple Scrum Day is a one day Agile conference in New York City organized by members of NYC Scrum User Group. This year, AgileTrailblazers will be a sponsor at Big Apple Scrum Day 2016, and will be hosting a Complimentary Consulting Clinic on the 6th Floor of the Hotel Pennsylvania (located across from New York Penn Station)!  If you’re an IT leader, you should register now to talk with us about your Agile project, ROI, and TCO.  If you were one of the over 250 participants from five countries who were at last year’s conference, you'll remember the sense of community, the inspiring keynote, the seventeen sessions and workshops the all-time favorite Coaching Clinic.  Join us as we collaborate together!

Joe Campbell, our Director of DevOps & Architecture, will be one of the speakers during this event. He has a strong architecture and development background and has been developing software professionally, to one degree or another for 15 years. Joe has architected highly secure transactional systems that scale with quality. He has implemented DevOps for organizations deploying 100K+ lines of code with exhaustive automated tests in production with minimal manual intervention. Joe is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Drexel University. You can learn more about his feature below. 



Register for a session with Joe Campbell during the Big Apple Scrum day

Speaker note: Joe Campbell 

DevOps - It isn't just for hipsters anymore

DevOps is certainly a very popular buzzword of recent, everyone is talking about DevOps, everyone is selling DevOps packages with promises of having your organization be ‘DevOps’ enabled. However - DevOps isn’t something you can purchase, it isn’t a specific tool that you can grab off the shelf and say that your organization now has DevOps. DevOps describes a foundational series of actions and behaviors that allow for the organization to move bigger, better, faster when delivering products, software and hardware into customer facing production environments.

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