The 3 Agile Foundations of Release Orientation

Jul 4, 2018 12:00:00 AM / by Naeem Hussain

Naeem Hussain

In order for an organization to be successful with Continuous Business Value Delivery® the organization has to set a new destination and has to create a “new” route to reach this destination. This means, we have to REVERSE ENGINEER the entire delivery process to maximize value creation at a rapid pace.blue-balloon-1193182-1600x1200

The three key areas that need to be lean and automated, the foundations of a Release Oriented organization are 3 major process areas:


We have spoken to many organizations which either are heavily engaged in a Project/Portfolio Management Office or they shy away from setting these up as they believe a "PMO" will hinder their progress. For an organization at scale, this should not be a "yes" or "no" decision. Having a lean implementation of Agile Portfolio Management as well as lean implementations of Release Managementand DevOps is critical for setting up a sustainable organization.



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Written by Naeem Hussain

Naeem Hussain is the COO of CirrusLabs. In this role, he focuses on advisory services for the leadership team of respective organizations for enterprise transformation, scaling agile adoption across the enterprise, creating in-sourcing strategies, and implementing DevOps practices. During his consulting career, Mr. Hussain has worked with large corporate clients such as Capital One Bank, Angie's List, Urban Outfitters, Pointroll, General Services Administration, Anthem Health and Transamerica.With an MBA from the University of Chicago and an M.S. degree from the George Washington University, Mr. Hussain has held various leadership and executive positions with Siemens, ING DIRECT, Capital, COO of MGRM Holdings and Co-founder and CFO of AgileTrailblazers . Mr. Hussain also serves as a member of the George Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Sciences National Advisory Council.

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