140 point DevOps assessment

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Is your enterprise delivering the right products at the right time?

Our 140 point DevOps and Technical Practices assessment involves interviews, surveys, observations and deep dives into your existing people, process and technologies to evaluate the strengths and gaps for enabling the modern software factory.

“The enablement of the modern software factory is really the enablement of delivery flow for your market leading products. With our 140 point assessment you will gain an overview of that flow."  
- AgileTrailblazers Co-Founder, Brian Barr

Key Assessment Take-Aways

Our team of principal consultants will work with you directly to assess your enterprise organization and provide you with an assessment covering the following items:



What will the assessment result in?

FINAL STEPS: A modern software factory requires a move to the right culture - one with teamwork, commitment to quality, and alignment across the delivery chain. We examine your culture for all of these elements, in addition to your current automation toolsets to evaluate the support for moving you towards a real software factory.

Our team will summarize all of the assessment into a roadmap that outlines specific initiatives that will help you move as rapidly as possible toward your vision for the modern software factory.

The roadmap will be based on our Continuous Business Value Delivery® (CBVD) specialized organizational design and advisory framework that enables enterprises to deliver the right products at the right time.

  • There are 4 core components that enable of Continuous Business Value Delivery - Speed, Scalability, Quality and Adaptability
  • And with the right mix of these core components, the modern software factory can be realized at your organization



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Our Team

Ken Fritz

Director of Software Delivery

With over 14 years of agile experience, Ken oversees Agile software development projects across multiple industries. He also provides agile coaching on both the methodology and technical aspects of Agile adoption and transformation, at all levels.

Brian Barr

CEO / President

With a proven 25+ year track record of developing, managing, and directing projects for the creation of software solutions, Brian has a passion for quality, timeliness, and meeting the needs of the business and its customers through agile frameworks.

Dennis Barr

Business Development Manager

With over 30 years of business development experience, Dennis has hands-on experience in the realm of Agile as he is a Certified Scrum Master, ICAgile Certified Professional (in agile fundamentals) and holds an Atlassian Sales Professional certification.