Advanced Agile

AgileTrailblazers are dedicated to helping mature agile organizations gain knowledge of Agile Facilitation, Agile Testing and DevOps while advancing Agile Technical Practices. Our trainers have real-world experience and provide engaging sessions which are catered to your specific business needs.

Advanced Courses:

Are for individuals striving to reach the top. You will not only gain the comprehensive knowledge and skills to truly excel at Agile, but also learn the techniques to facilitate and be an effective change manager within your organization. It’s the apex of Agile knowledge.


ICP-TST.pngAgile Testing Certification

Designed for Testers and Developers

  • Introduction to agile testing techniques and terminology i.e.  Selenium, Gherkin, Cucumber
  • Instruction on how to set up an overall test automation strategy, including determining which types of tests are better suited for automated versus manual execution.
  • Certification also highlights strategies for creating automated story and feature tests as well as system and integration tests.

ICP-ATF.pngAgile Facilitation Certification

Designed for individuals leading and managing agile projects

  • Develop mindset and role of an Agile Team Facilitator
  • Attain group facilitation tools and techniques for effectively designing meetings as well as workshops
  • Establish an appreciation for the art of facilitation as key to fostering collaboration and enabling self-organizing teams 

ICP-FDO.pngAgile DevOps Certification

Increase the speed, scalability, quality and adaptability

  • Provides an overview of core concepts geared towards a broad audience of professionals, both technical and non-technical
  • Learning objectives are business case for DevOps, Continuous Delivery, accompanying cultural changes, operational considerations, etc.
  • Gain an excellent foundation in DevOps concepts and ingredients for a successful transition  


Agile Coaching Certification

Increase the speed, scalability, quality and adaptability

  • Develop mindset, roles, and responsibilities of an Agile Coach
  • Gain the knowledge to differentiate between mentoring, facilitating, consulting, teaching, and coaching.
  • Acquire the skills required to create a safe environment for meaningful collaboration and healthy conflict resolution within an agile team

What Our Customers Had to Say

Instructor was engaging and entertaining and demonstrated expert knowledge of the subject. I appreciated the interactive nature of the training..

Amalra Vanmatre

What Our Customers Had to Say

A lot of “real-world” lessons and processes that can be applied on day one. Great introduction to Agile.

James Tahvili

What Our Customers Had to Say

Instructor is very knowledgeable in Agile and presents the material excellently. I appreciate his real world examples to demonstrate the material.

Darren Beckford

What Our Customers Had to Say

Great Job keeping us engaged in discussion and thinking of how to apply the concepts to our own situation/environment. 

Travis Parker

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