AgileGPS ®

AgileGPS® Transformation Services uses specialized tools and techniques to guide customers in their agile journey, maximizing solutions delivery and minimizing the time required for transformation.

AgileTrailblazers® has been accountable solutions delivery leaders, not simply coaches, of significantly large scale agile transformations. Based on our experience, we have mapped the patterns of successful agile transformation and developed the AgileGPS® tool set to effectively guide your company’s journey to agility.

Whether you are starting off from waterfall or any stage in your journey to advanced agility, we can guide you from one stage of to the next. We do this through benchmarking your current state, customizing an actionable plan and executing this plan to help you reach the next stage. Our specialized assessment process is both objective and metric driven; at any stage, you have data that illustrates progress of your change efforts and provides insights for next steps.


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 Edwin Adcock - EVP Operations - Xpressdocs


I wanted to take a minute and tell you guys how impressed I was with the work done by Agile Trailblazers. It has been my standard mantra for many years that “those who can’t, consult” because all too many times I have come in contact with outside consultants who had no idea of what happens in the real world. It was very refreshing to see a group that broke the mold of my preconceived notions.

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