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Traditional methods of managing projects are too rigid and slow to respond to the rapid pace of digital change. To succeed, your organization must be fast, flexible, and focused on constantly delivering value to your customers before the competition does.

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Increase speed and efficiency with our comprehensive Agile training and coaching services.

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Discover How Agile Methodologies Will Streamline The Way Your Company Operates

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Lack of Executive Support: A Recipe for Failure

In order to move fast, your organization needs full alignment, support, and expert guidance.

Implementing an agile methodology–with fast development cycles and continuous improvement–is critical, but it requires a fundamentally new way of running your organization.

The majority of all IT projects finish late and over budget. Furthermore, by the time large projects are finally completed, technology and customer needs have changed, rendering the final product obsolete.

Organizations, in their quest to become agile, are often impeded by the following challenges:

Challenge #1:
Lack of Executive Support
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Challenge #1:
Lack of Executive Support

Successful digital transformations cannot be performed by a single person, a single team, or even a single division within a company.

When the senior leadership team is not aligned on the objectives and the overall direction, the team members who actually have to undergo this change don't get the necessary support. Some parts of the organization try to move forward, while others are not on board, and the entire transformation experience ends in chaos.

Executive support is fundamental, and the larger the enterprise, the higher up in the organization you have to go to get full alignment and support. In some cases, board-level support is critical.

Challenge #2:
Linear Transformation Plan
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Challenge #2:
Linear Transformation Plan

Organization leaders may perceive a high level of risk implementing Agile, and the natural tendency is to try to do things in a linear fashion.

Linear planning doesn’t work in complex, dynamic environments. You need an iterative, flexible approach that will allow you to deal with issues as they arise in order to avoid a slow pace of implementation and complete loss of momentum.


Agiletrailblazers Helps Your Organization
Achieve High-Velocity Teams


Foundational Knowledge

To fully transform into an agile organization and achieve high performing teams that can execute ideas at high velocity, your organization needs foundational knowledge along with ongoing coaching.


Collective Expertise

With the collective expertise of our Agile coaches and trainers, we can help you navigate the challenges that come with organizational change, overcome resistance, and fully adopt Agile methods to increase efficiency and profitability in your organization.


Who Are Agile Organization Services For?


Executives Who Are Interested In Digital Transformation

In order to keep up with the rapid pace of digital change, your organization must be able to move with speed, efficiency, and agility.


Organizations That Need To Achieve Faster Time-To-Market, And Increase Customer Satisfaction

Agility is crucial for delivering products customers love faster than your competitors.


Leaders Who Want To Align Their Organization Toward Clear Objectives

Teams can only move quickly when they have a clear vision of the future they’re trying to reach.


Managers And Team Leaders Who Want To Improve Culture And Boost Morale

An agile organization is one with harmonious, high-functioning teams that have the freedom to grow and learn.


Development Teams Who Want To Increase Efficiency And Quality, And Reduce Risk

Agile development processes allow for rapid, continuous deployment and fast feedback to increase quality and mitigate risks.


Case Studies

What Our Customers Are Saying

John Galvin

“I asked CirrusLabs to be aggressive and reduce the time needed to get to a point where we could kick off our first release train....

...they found the right balance of moving fast without mistakes, assess the current situation, provide the necessary training at all levels of the organization (executives on down), and get us ready for a very successful Program Increment planning event in the middle of December.

The reaction from the employees to this event has to be one of the most positive I have experienced in my career - team members told me they had never felt so engaged and motivated as they did when the planning wrapped up.”


John Galvin, CTO, Gannett Pointroll​​​​​​​

Agile Organization Expertise In Your Industry

Financial Services

Investment in FinTech ventures is growing, and FinTech startups are quickly developing disruptive, a new technology that is forcing traditional banks to either adapt or lose market share.

These technological advances cover every area of finance, from lending to investment advice, to foreign exchange and payments. Examples include:

  • Straight-Through Processing that can automate repetitive back-office tasks, eliminate paperwork, boost productivity, and improve regulatory compliance
  • Automated “Robo-Advisors” that leverage computer algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage investment portfolios at a fraction of the cost of a human advisor
  • Online-only banks that significantly reduce operating costs and boost profitability by eliminating call centers and bank branches
  • Personalized banking apps that help users identify more ways to save money
  • Blockchain technologies that can provide everything from payment processing, to share trading, to verification of land ownership

Banks and financial organizations of all kinds must adopt Agile methods in order to streamline back-office functions, enhance security and compliance, and quickly adopt new technology to develop better products that can compete with those of their smaller, more nimble rivals.



With Amazon forming a healthcare company, and technology giant Apple launching its Health Records platform, health insurance organizations, hospitals, and medical providers are all looking to adopt new technology in order to deliver a more streamlined experience to customers and patients, and keep up with competitors.

Healthcare organization leaders are working hard to create, update, and continuously improve their processes to align with their mission.

Top priorities include providing appropriate levels of patient care and patient care quality, as well as learning about patient and health plan member populations, and optimizing costs for healthcare delivery.

Since these priorities are so focused on process efficiencies and patient health management outcomes, healthcare leaders are learning from and implementing Lean methodologies, which focus on understanding and improving customer value for both patients and providers.

Agile methods allow healthcare organizations to adopt new technology, quickly develop new applications, and find more ways to make their organizations connected and digitally-enabled in order to create more value and provide the best patient experience possible.



For eCommerce companies competing with giant online retailers such as Amazon and Wal-Mart, it’s no longer sufficient to just have a functioning website that can take orders and process payments.

In order to overcome the many challenges eCommerce organizations face today, they must be able to:

  • Scale production, order fulfillment, and service if customer demand spikes
  • Quickly react to changing customers needs, trends, and pricing updates
  • Use technology to integrate with suppliers and efficiently manage the supply chain
  • Mitigate security risks and technology failures that cause downtime and lost revenue
  • Adapt to new technology currently disrupting retail, such as Augmented Reality (AR), location, and voice technologies

By adopting Agile methods, eCommerce organizations can successfully overcome these challenges, gain the ability to generate innovative ideas and execute them before competitors and provide a fast, secure, exciting customer experience in order to stand out and avoid commoditization.



The current approach to procurement relies heavily on requirements and specifications that are written up-front. While this approach may work for simple problems that are easy to define, more complex problems with many unknown, changing variables require a more agile approach.

Instead of strictly adhering to requirements that have been written up-front, an agile approach focuses more on outcomes, and allows for adjustments when new needs and problems are discovered.

The result is better products and services that emerge through an iterative, flexible, collaborative effort.


What Is It Like to Work With CirrusLabs?

Engaging CirrusLabs as your partner in achieving high-velocity teams through agile

Who is involved in each one of the stages?

In the Assessment phase, there will be an Engagement Lead, an Enterprise Agile Advisor, and a Technology Advisor.

In the Training phase, we provide accredited instructors.

In the Coaching phase, there will be an Engagement Lead, an Enterprise Coach, a Team Coach, and a Technical Coach, depending on what your organization requires.

What do we need to know before getting started?

First, it’s important for you to identify which teams within your organization are under consideration for an agile transformation, and how many people in each team will be undergoing this transformation.

Second, determine if there are any specific scaling frameworks, methods, and delivery toolsets you prefer to use.

If you are unsure about any of these, we would be happy to provide you with our recommendations. Learn more about an Agile Assessment for your organization ►

Discover How Agile Methodologies Will Streamline The Way Your Company Operates

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