DevOps Helps with Accelerating Agile Software Delivery

Agile software delivery needs a back bone - an engine for successful delivery. Agile software delivery teams need ways in which they can get fast feedback on their software development and its impact on any existing work.

The faster the feedback, the more likely developers are to take action
on that feedback.

What does DevOps mean, exactly?

We work with top-tiered partners to ensure you get the most out of your software delivery services.

Here is how we do it.

DevOps is the
engine for delivery

Operations teams that support software in production want safety nets for quality, reliability and speed of recovery - if things go south.

AgileTrailblazers can help you get these feedback and learning loops created to allow the fast feedback that helps the Dev and the Ops teams deliver with the four core competencies of our Continuous Business Value Delivery® methodology. We can help you create the development-to-delivery engine that enables Speed, Scalability, Adaptability and Quality to break out and be reinforced within the organization.




DevOps done with Agile

Let Us Help You Get More Done


Our 101 point DevOps assessment will help provide a benchmark for your starting point and we will create a ROI based roadmap to create a working DevOps Delivery Engine for your organization.


Looking for a full service suite for your Agile Transformation or adoption? Already making use of JIRA or other parts of the Atlassian tool suite? We can help setup, configure and provide guidance on the entire Atlassian Tool Suite as Atlassian Expert partners.


Chef, Puppet, Ansible - get control of your infrastructure configuration and management with our Configuration Management enablement services. We can get your hardware sorted and automated.

Here is how DevOps helps you with:



Develop on cadence for Continuous Delivery
Accelerate by optimizing the workflow


Expand capacity within the team
Coordinate across teams for large efforts


Meet the changing market demands with a customer driven approach
Leverage built-in pivot points for continuous re-calibration of goals and plans


Relentless focus on removing waste and finding improvement
Enable immediate improvement with empirical controls

What our clients said about our DevOps

Jim Montagnino, CEO NC4

As with any software company, you want to do the best you can for your customers and to provide a quality solution on time and on target. With a diverse product line whose mission is to revolutionize safety and security, we needed to focus on the disciplines that would make us the most successful across the company.

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