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Outdated technology and processes are incapable of meeting the rapidly changing demands of the modern, digital organization.

Modernized technology and development approaches are required in order to increase efficiency, enable innovation, and stay competitive in the digital age.

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Reimagine your legacy systems for the digital age.

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modernized-technology--software-delivery modernized-technology-devops modernized-technology--cloud modernized-technology--testing modernized-technology--architecture modernized-technology--security

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Is Outdated Technology Slowing Your Organization Down?

A failure to modernize carries major long-term risks.

The threat of digital disruption is creating an urgent need for organizations to modernize their IT systems and product development processes.

Like many organizations, yours may eventually run into this problem: after investing heavily in their legacy IT systems, your organization will attempt to get as much life out of them as possible through various workarounds and patches. Over time, these remedies inevitably lead to decreased efficiency, increased security vulnerabilities, increased operating costs, and lower customer satisfaction.

The investment it takes to maintain legacy systems leaves less opportunity to innovate and respond to changing market demands, leading to 2 significant organizational problems:

Challenge #1:
Execution Speed
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Challenge #1:
Execution Speed

In a rapidly changing digital environment, the companies that deliver value to customers the fastest will succeed. If your technology and processes aren’t capable of delivering new products with speed and quality, you will continue to fall behind upstart companies who aren’t weighed down by outdated technology and processes.

Challenge #2:
Frustrated Organization:
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Challenge #2:
Frustrated Organization:

Long development cycles and cumbersome technology lead to increased frustration and decreased employee satisfaction and performance. Top talent is eventually lost to competitors who are ahead in their digital transformations, and the longevity of your organization is put into jeopardy.


Agile Trailblazers Helps Your Organization
Achieve Speed & Quality



Whether you’re upgrading software and hardware, or shifting to newer technologies such as cloud-computing, we can help your organization consolidate, upgrade, and automate your IT assets, transform your processes, and safeguard against complex security risks.


Productivity & Revenue

By focusing on agility, quality, and user experience, our approach allows you to you serve customers’ needs faster, and increase productivity and revenue.


Who is Modernized Technology For?


Business Teams

Business Teams who are looking to their IT teams to be capable of developing new software that can provide a competitive advantage to the organization.


Leadership / Executives

Leadership / Executives who realize the importance of adopting new technologies in order to stay competitive and meet strategic objectives.


Technology Leaders

Technology Leaders who are trying to manage limited resources and talent in order to successfully complete all of the projects in their pipeline.


Case Studies

What Our Customers Are Saying

John Galvin

“I asked AgileTrailblazers to be aggressive and reduce the time needed to get to a point where we could kick off our first release train....

...they found the right balance of moving fast without mistakes, assess the current situation, provide the necessary training at all levels of the organization (executives on down), and get us ready for a very successful Program Increment planning event in the middle of December.

The reaction from the employees to this event has to be one of the most positive I have experienced in my career - team members told me they had never felt so engaged and motivated as they did when the planning wrapped up.”


John Galvin, CTO, Gannett Pointroll​​​​​​​

Modernized Technology Expertise In Your Industry

Financial Services

Modernized Technology enables financial services organizations to overcome fast-changing industry challenges, such as:

  • New security risks and vulnerabilities
  • The constantly-changing laws and regulations of multiple countries
  • The rapid development of new, disruptive technologies
  • The need for secure systems that integrate well with each other, and provide a streamlined experience to customers


With Amazon forming a healthcare company, and technology giant Apple launching its Health Records platform, health insurance organizations, hospitals, and medical providers must be able to adopt Modernized Technology so they can:

  • Rapidly develop better products and services
  • Provide the highest-quality treatment to as many patients as possible
  • Expand patient population through initiatives such as Connected Care and telehealth
  • Acquire better data to identify waste and reallocate resources
  • Comply with changing government regulations
  • Mitigate new security risks


For eCommerce companies competing with giant online retailers such as Amazon and Wal-Mart, it’s crucial to have Modernized Technology that enables you to:

  • Invest in the right eCommerce platform for your business
  • Come up with innovative ideas and business models, and be able to execute them quickly
  • Streamline your logistics and delivery to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Keep customers engaged with online/offline integration
  • Utilize Augmented Reality to create exciting, new shopping experiences
  • Accept new forms of payment, such as Paypal and digital currencies
  • Mitigate new security risks and prevent downtime and lost revenue


As local, state, and federal governments are looking to technology in order to improve citizens’ lives, budget and security concerns are still  top-of-mind. Modernized Technology allows you to thrive in a future where:

  • Digitally-connected cities are the norm
  • More funds are freed up due to automation
  • Inefficient procedures and processes are replaced by highly-secure, streamlined digital applications
  • Decision-making at all levels is improved based on accurate, real-time data to serve more citizens faster than ever
  • Licensing and maintenance costs are reduced with open-source technology
  • Long, complex, expensive development cycles are replaced by a lean, Agile approach

Discover How To Deliver Software Faster With An Automated DevOps Pipeline

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