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"AgileTrailblazers was the right choice to interview our team, assess our current tools and provide recommendations for how to streamline our processes to gain efficiency. After their initial assessment, they have been instrumental in providing practical steps to give us better visibility and a higher level of productivity in delivering solutions to our customers."
Jim Montagnino, CEO/President, NC4

Most Software Development Projects Fail Due to Lack of Resources, Time, and Talent

If you’re like most organizations, your business and leadership teams are eager to adopt the latest technology and deliver new digital products before your competitors do. Efficient, high-quality software development is vitally important for meeting customer’s needs, reducing time-to-market, and, ultimately, remaining a profitable and competitive organization in the modern, digital economy.

Unfortunately, IT teams are often already stretched to their limits just keeping current systems running with the limited amount of resources, time, and talent that they have.

Developing new software requires having an experienced, high-velocity team that works well together, and has ample amounts of time and resources to build new products from the ground up.

Up until now, you’ve been limited to the following options going forward:

  1. Push your existing IT staff to work even harder, risking burnout, high turnover, and low employee morale.
  2. Hire additional staff, and deal with the hassles and costs of recruiting, hiring, training, day-to-day supervision, etc.
  3. Take a gamble on outsourcing development to an offshore team, and be forced to deal with communication restrictions, quality issues, and the risk of data and IP theft.

Fortunately, these are no longer your only options.

There is a better way:

Dev On-Demand by AgileTrailblazers.

Agile Trailblazers Can Help You Deliver New Software Solutions with Speed and Quality, Without the Hassles of Hiring and Outsourcing


Dev On-Demand Services

With our Dev On-Demand services, you can get all the benefits of an in-house, dedicated, high-velocity software development team, without all the support headaches.

High-Quality Products

You will be able to deliver high-quality, digital products before your competitors, for far less than it would cost to hire permanent staff, and without the risks of outsourcing. This allows you to eliminate the burden of hiring and management, beat your competition to market, and ensure long-term competitiveness and profitability for your organization.

Embedded or Whole Team

Whether your organization needs help speeding up your Agile adoption by embedding our experts into your Agile teams, or you need a ready-to-go, Whole Team solution that can handle everything from concept to delivery, we will work with you to find the right approach that meets your needs.


Benefits of the Embedded Team approach:

  • Plant the seeds of agility in your organization

  • Provide coaching and pairing to speed up agile transformations

  • Adapt to your organizational structure

  • Trailblazers trained and certified in Agile and Lean principals

  • Well versed in TDD, code quality, pair programming, Agile tools, and DevOps

  • Supply highly skilled and experienced people across all roles


Benefits of the Whole Team approach:

  • Ready-to-go experienced Agile teams of Development Engineers, Agile Testers, Product Owners, and ScrumMasters rapidly ramp up to meet your needs

  • Trailblazers trained and certified in Agile and Lean principals

  • Well versed in TDD, code quality, pair programming, Agile tools, and DevOps

  • Quickly adapt to your organization

  • Enable transparency and visibility into all aspects of delivery

Based on your needs, we can recommend the ideal approach and team variation.


Blazing the Trail:
Our Dev On-Demand Approach

Before we start working on the project, we begin with a consultation that will allow us to understand your organization’s true needs. We will also explain how AgileTrailblazers will merge with your organization to bring about your desired outcomes.


Ideally, the team members that should be part of this consultation are your:

  • Engagement Owner
  • Product Manager/Owner
  • Technical Lead/Architect (optional).

We will provide:

  • Agile Advisor
  • Product Specialist
  • Technical Advisor

Together, our combined team members will form the “Pathfinder Team” which will come together to:

  • Define goals and success criteria
  • Innovate and build backlog
  • Prepare architecture
Aligned project delivery criteria; Assessment of architecture; Initial release plans, MVP goals and backlog development

In the first stage of the software development process, as the Pathfinder Team is defining goals and success criteria, our Team Lab begins forming the Target Team by completing the following tasks:

Recruit the Best Individuals

  • We have great Trailblazers available from last engagements
  • We have a vast candidate pool + partner network
  • We provide innovative technical vetting
  • We recruit not just for technical skill, but also for team skills and cohesion

Train to be Trailblazers

  • We provide the industry’s most comprehensive training
  • Trailblazer standards inform gaps to be filled by training
  • We provide training in agility, development, and test automation

Practice Team Performance

  • Your assembled team gains real-world experience together
  • Team norms are created and refined
  • You are not getting a group of individuals…You are getting a team!

Build the Most Effective Team

  • Your goals, backlog, and technology stack are understood
  • Your technology needs drive assembly of the right mix of talents
  • Trailblazer “team formula” is outlined in the team matrix

Certify the Team Capabilities

  • We require the fulfillment of high standard in order to become part of a Trailblazers team
  • We will report the team matrix back to you for transparency





Aligned project delivery success criteria


Assessment of architecture and tech stack readiness for the project


Assessment of architecture and tech stack readiness for the project

Fully staffed, trained agile delivery team; Run as team for at least 1 sprint; Delivery logistics satisfied

In the next phase of the project, the Pathfinder Team begins to innovate and build a backlog, and then prepare the architecture (Application + DevOps Engine).

At the same time, the Team Lab will be providing Agile training and certification to the Target Team.





Fully staffed and trained agile delivery team assembled for effective customer project


Run as a team for at least 1 sprint


Delivery logistics satisfied – vetting, onboarding, etc.

Product continuously demonstrated; Useful, timely process and delivery metrics; Product and technical specs captured
Once the Pathfinder Team creates the backlog and architecture runway, and the Team Lab has trained and certified the Target Team, we will begin the delivery phase of the project, which includes the following steps:

Feed the Team

  1. We will ready the backlog and architecture runway
  2. We will implement the DevOps Lab. Once turned on, you will have the infrastructure and DevOps capabilities to start doing advanced Agility

Visibly Launch

  1. You will be able to create demonstrable, continuous product delivery, including:
    1. Proofs of Concept (PoC)
    2. Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
    3. Version 1.x
  2. As soon as the DevOps engine is turned on, the entire development pipeline will have metrics so you can monitor the software delivery process, and assure all metrics are aligned with your success criteria

Continuous Delivery

  1. The Target Team will be plugged in, and begin continuously delivering software using advanced agile practices of both Scrum and DevOps





Product continuously demonstrated and delivered with released incremental customer value

Useful, timely process and delivery metrics

Product and technical specs captured –continuously updated documentation

Internal delivery team capabilities built; Team capacity adjusted; High-quality system running and owned by customer

The final phase of the project will ensure that your internal team has all of the capabilities they need for system support and enhancement.

The following tasks will be completed during this phase in order to ensure the project’s successful completion:

Knowledge Transfer

  1. We will work together with your Customer Team to make sure all the tech support, operations, and training documentation are organized and transferred over to your organization

Support and Scale

  1. We will enable and support your organization with all the capabilities to do continuous maintenance and support, and/or scale your software delivery approach to other areas of your organization

Deliver Together

  1. We will provide support and guidance to ensure the transition process is done gracefully





Internal delivery team capabilities built for system support and enhancement

Team capacity incrementally adjusted based on internal ramp-up and on-going business need
High-quality system running and owned completely by your organization

Case Studies

Here’s what they had to say about their experience working with AgileTrailblazers:

“The tool is awesome! It is user-friendly…I am also happy that our feedback are also valued and taken into consideration in terms of improving the tool…Just a few modifications, the tool would be perfect!”

- The Business Team

“It has been a real pleasure working with the Trailblazers team…Transparent, great communication... We got what we needed to address the audit finding and on-time...We always knew where things were at and you addressed the key issues right when they came up.”

- Leadership/Executives

“The app has been in production for 3 months with 500 agents using it everyday…and it just works…You did a great job transitioning to our team and next to no support required…You have a great team!”

- Technology Leaders

How To Get Started?

Simply contact us and we will be in touch to discuss your objectives.


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