About Us 

Our Mission

AgileTrailblazers are passionate about enabling organizations to rapidly realize Continuous Business Value Delivery® through the use of Lean and Agile principles.

Our Vision


We are about value creation.


We build sustainable organizations by enlisting thought leaders who unlock the human capabilities of initiative, creativity and passion.


We believe value creation is maximized by scaling efficiency and productivity to build sustainable organizations.
We believe that successful companies continuously innovate leveraging these entrepreneurial capabilities.

The Trailblazer Compass

We will be INVALUABLE.

Our most important business goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations every day. Our customers will view us as their trusted advisors. We expect our business to thrive from the value customers see and feel from working with us.

We will be AGILE.

The journey is important. The destination and outcomes are most important. We will navigate the journey and determine the destination as a team and adapt from what we learn along the way.

We will be GENUINE.

No matter how challenging, we will be truthful to and with our customers and fellow Trailblazers. We are who we are and we will thrive because of our diverse perspectives and talents.

We will never be SATISFIED.

We will always ask ourselves and our customers “Why” or “Why not.” We will never be content with the status quo and always believe that we will discover a better way today and then again tomorrow.

We will be DRIVEN.

We will constantly re-examine and connect with work that brings us purpose and joy. We believe that all Trailblazers have the inalienable right to align with purposeful work and apply their talents with autonomy and mastery.

We are NEW here.

We approach each and every work day as an opportunity to rediscover ourselves and to help our customers do the same. We are craftsmen that continuously improve our skills and knowledge.

We will be TALENTED.

We start from the presumption that our people are talented and want to contribute. With urgency, we strive to continuously remove impediments that inhibit us from being our best.


We will automate the routine, eliminate waste and simplify everything we can. This focus will increase speed and quality of the solution delivery pipelines we build and allow us to direct our energy towards thought leadership and designing better solutions for our customers.

Leadership Team


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Brian Barr

Founder and CEO

Brian has over 25 years of experience leading global teams in the creation of large-scale software solutions with a passion for quality, timeliness, and agile methodologies. He has influenced and led company-wide agile transformations in traditionally change-resistant organizations such as medical and financial services industries. Brian has a BSE in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Brian is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and a Scaled Agile Framework™Program Consultant (SPC).


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Naeem Hussain

Founder and CFO

Naeem Hussain is the founder of the DC-based management consulting firm AgileTrailblazers. In this role, he focuses on advisory services for the leadership team of respective organizations for enterprise transformation, scaling agile adoption across the enterprise, creating in-sourcing strategies, and implementing DevOps practices. During his consulting career, Mr. Hussain has worked with large corporate clients such as Capital One Bank, Angie's List, Urban Outfitters, Pointroll, General Services Administration, Anthem Health and Transamerica.

With an MBA from the University of Chicago and an M.S. degree from the George Washington University, Mr. Hussain has held various leadership and executive positions with Siemens, ING DIRECT, Capital One and, just prior to co-founding AgileTrailblazers, as COO of MGRM Holdings. Mr. Hussain also serves as a member of the George Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Sciences National Advisory Council.


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Santosh Jayaram


Santosh is a technology driven business enabler whose entrepreneurial skills and vision have carried many companies to rapid growth and success. He has a strong federal background in strategy, portfolio, enterprise architecture, budget/finance and policy with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Commerce. Santosh holds an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a Master of Science in Telecommunications and Computers from the George Washington University and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications from Bangalore University and he is SAFE Agilist (SA) certified.



Ken Fritz

Director - Agile Software Delivery

Agile Delivery Expert, coach, and mentor. Ken has worked with agile teams in various capacities for over 15 years, as a developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and coach. Ken has worked in a number of different industries, including IT, finance, retail, and government. In addition to his Agile experience, he has been developing software for over 20 years.

Ken holds certifications as a Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner. He's also accredited by the Scrum Alliance to lead the Certified Scrum Developer course, and deliver other educational offerings.



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Joe Campbell


Joe Campbell has a strong architecture and development background and has been developing software professionally, to one degree or another for 15 years. Joe has architected highly secure transactional systems that scale with quality. He has implemented DevOps for organizations deploying 100K+ lines of code with exhaustive automated tests in production with minimal manual intervention. Joe is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Drexel University.


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Sushil Negi

Director - DevOps & Architecture

Collaborative, results driven and focused IT Leader with 15 years’ experience providing innovative solutions which improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and generate significant and sustainable productivity with primary focus on Architecture, implementation of DevOps, and enterprise secure cloud solutions. Recognized as a pragmatic strategist with solid experience optimizing IT delivery for quality and speed across development and infrastructure teams for large enterprises. Diverse experience in Healthcare, Medical devices, Banking, Credit Cards and Document Imaging.