Set a common goal, and inspire hope for fundamental change in your organization.


Give your team clear objectives  to work toward.


Generate innovation, creative thinking, and passion.

Talk to Us About a 2-Hour Visioning Session for Your Organization

“Visioning aligns the leaders in the organization toward a common purpose. This is the first step toward successful Digital Transformation.”
Kjell Hegstad, Chief Innovation Officer, Agile Trailblazers

Without a clear vision of the future, your digital transformation efforts will end in confusion, failed starts, and a lack of buy-in.

Becoming an organization that innovates and thrives in the digital economy requires strong, focused leadership. Not only must leadership have a clear vision of the future to align the organization toward, they must also provide the buy-in and support needed to make change possible. Digital transformation initiatives die out when only single teams or individuals in a company are championing them.

The first step is for your leadership team to develop a clear vision of the future of your organization by agreeing on what success looks like.

digital transformation_graphic-2
Agile Trailblazers Visioning Session will align your team towards a shared vision. Through the “Visioning” process you will be able to identify exactly what success looks like for the future of your organization. This is the first step of your journey to a successful digital transformation.
At the end of the 2 hour Visioning Session you’ll have a high level definition of:
The market problem you want to solve
Resources needed from stakeholders
How success will be measured
The solution you want to create and how it will work
Points of Risk: Why the idea might fail and how to mitigate that
Timelines: A high-level overview of major tasks to accomplish, and when they should completed by ​​​​​​​

Armed with a clear vision of the future and the right strategy, your organization will be focused and united on your journey toward successful digital transformation.

What Happens During A 2-Hour Visioning Session?

Using design thinking methodology, we will focus on the following elements:


1. Think

During the first 30 minutes of the session, we will help you clarify and come up with a statement of the problem. Asking the right questions and correctly defining the problem is the first step toward solving it.

By using phrases that encourage broad thinking, our Statement Starters help jumpstart discussions toward solving the right problem in the best way.


2. Ideate

The following 45 minutes of the Visioning Session will consist of generating many possible concepts for solving the problem. We will use a technique in which ideas evolve as they are passed from person to person.

This enables you to take advantage of the collective wisdom of the group in unexpected ways to generate wonderfully original concepts.


3. Visualize

To conclude the Visioning Session, we’ll get the team to visualize the ideas.

Visualization is a powerful way to promote an idea and rally support for its development. Start by thinking big—large scale, big ideas, short phrases—and then fill in the details to help support the main points you’re highlighting. Your poster should show what the idea is, why it matters, and how it works.


4. Prioritize

Time permitting, we may prioritize the concepts and you can hand them off to the roadmap/product team to consider.

About The Team Facilitating Your Visioning Session


Kjell Hegstad

Chief Innovation Officer

Kjell is former Head of Mobile Banking and Emerging Tech at Capital One and a co-founder of ING DIRECT USA, responsible for driving the mobile banking strategy while using innovation to simplify the customer experience for 40 million digital customers as well as using big-data and analytics to drive engagement at a NPS of 66! Due to the success of the ING DIRECT mobile app in the marketplace, Kjell got to co-ring the opening bell at New York Stock Exchange.

Kjell also conceptualized and designed Planet Orange, an award winning financial literacy edutainment site for kids 6-12 years old that won awards from Wall Street Journal, Parents Magazine and Apple.

Additionally, Kjell is a certified digital disruptor by Harvard Business School. Kjell is a global keynote speaker and was selected as one of the 25 innovators invited nationally to help the World Bank develop low cost digital ideas and POC's.

Kjell can say "no-onions" in 22 languages and enjoys playing soccer, volunteering in the community, advising start-up's, riding motorcycles, golf, cooking and shooting sporting clays.


Naeem Hussain

Founder and CFO

Naeem Hussain is the founder of the DC-based management consulting firm AgileTrailblazers. In this role, he focuses on advisory services for the leadership team of respective organizations for enterprise transformation, scaling agile adoption across the enterprise, creating in-sourcing strategies, and implementing DevOps practices. During his consulting career, Mr. Hussain has worked with large corporate clients such as Capital One Bank, Angie's List, Urban Outfitters, Pointroll, General Services Administration, Anthem Health and Transamerica.

With an MBA from the University of Chicago and an M.S. degree from the George Washington University, Mr. Hussain has held various leadership and executive positions with Siemens, ING DIRECT, Capital One and, just prior to co-founding AgileTrailblazers, as COO of MGRM Holdings. Mr. Hussain also serves as a member of the George Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Sciences National Advisory Council.

How To Get Started?

The process for setting up your Visioning Session is simple

No paperwork or pre-planning is necessary. In fact, we encourage everyone to come to the session with a fresh, open mind free of preconceptions.

Simply pick a date, gather your team, and contact us to get started.



What Is It Like to Work With Agile Trailblazers?

Who needs to be involved?

If your organization is just getting started on your Digital Transformation journey, having Senior Leadership involved will be important so they can understand, review, and offer buy-in on the entire process. Their input, approval, and support will be crucial for developing an overall vision and strategy, and implementing organization-wide changes.

If your organization has already received buy-in from Senior Leadership and developed an overall Digital Transformation strategy, a Visioning Session might be more appropriate for Mid-Level Management to plan things on a more tactical level.

Regardless of how far along your organization is on its Digital Transformation journey or what your objectives are, we can tailor a Visioning Session to meet your specific needs and requirements.

In general, we recommend that the most senior team members possible be present for the Session.

For broader, more high-level Visioning Sessions, we recommend that team members from a variety of disciplines be present, including:

  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Business
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Operations

Additionally, we can provide Visioning Sessions for individual departments if a specific focus is needed.

What's the ideal group size - how many people should we invite to this session?

We’ve found that the ideal group size is 10-20. We will break out into teams of 3-4 people during the session, with each team ideating a different version of the solution. Having 4-6 teams is ideal for getting a wide variety of ideas and input.

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