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ICAgile is an independent accrediting agency that supports Agile education.
Agile is a mindset, based on values and principles, not a methodology or process. Based on this fundamental premise, ICAgile was established to drive high-quality, credible Agile education that teaches professionals to approach Agile in any context, rather than training them to follow the steps of a particular methodology.  Acknowledging that it takes time for professionals to deepen their knowledge of Agile and transform that knowledge into competency, the ICAgile Certified Expert program is designed to validate competency development in a professional's chosen discipline.


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We don't just teach agile classes, we execute every project in an agile manner. We offer both individual professional certifications as well as customized group training. 

Our courses are:

  • Accredited and certified
  • Thought by leading industry experts
  • Designed for hands on learning

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