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Where does a POC fit within an enterprise?  A POC may help in creating a vision for what the use case might solve, how it might be solved and what the cost might be, while increasing the odds of buy-in from the stakeholders.  Our Rapid POC services are centered around finding a great use case for you - the client - and then showcase our capabilities with speed, innovation and rapid delivery as key elements.  Below are 3 POC's that we have highlighted with accompanying videos.  We welcome any POC challenge:  Voice, AI, MR/AR/VR, Mobile, or any emerging technology and/or innovation!  

To learn how to build your own innovation lab for $100, take a look at our Chief Innovation Officer's TEDx video : 


Wearables as a technology category is emerging as one of the leading technologies within health care. Whether it is Mixed Reality (MR) via the Microsoft holo-lens, Virtual Reality (VR) from Samsung Gear or Oculus, or Augmented Reality (AR) from Apple, the industry consensus is that these technologies are here to stay.

While the google glasses never took off in the consumer segment - for various reasons - they are experiencing a bit of resurgence within the health care sector - awaiting the next gen google glasses - which appears to be around the corner. On behalf of a health-care client, we built a POC around a medical transport team using google glasses to make a video call to E.R. while in transport - in order to save seconds/minutes and therefore save lives. Enjoy the video!



Apple just announced their iPhone 8 series and the next-gen iPhone X. What was the buzz all about? A lot of the press and media is about the ARKit and how Apple is positioning the iPhone to be the World's largest AR platform. We at ATB want to be in front of this technology so we built a POC around the ARKit shown below in the video. An AR POC can apply to any department with a related product roadmap or industry segment; gaming; education, training, social media, ecommerce, sports and health-care.  
The use case in the video below is considering an ecommerce platform where you the end customer - is using AR to explore how a product - such as an espresso machine or kitchen blender - might look and how it may fit in "your own" kitchen


Blockchain, specifically Ethereum and smart contracts is a good use case for any transaction where IFTT (If This Then That) business workflow is required. Fintech is probably the most active segment exploring blockchain right now with 80% of Global financial institutions either working on a POC or researching the technology. But we see it being used in “any industry” or government entity as the technology matures.

Smart contracts make sense the more complex the environment - with standard transaction terms. It’s basically a process automation tool with the upside of completely eliminating layers – whether the layer is people, processes, bureaucracy or all of it.”.  Watch our video where we built a rapid POC on blockchain.

Kjell Hegstad   

Chief Innovation Officer                                                   


Kjell is former Head of Mobile Banking and Emerging Tech at Capital One and a co-founder of ING DIRECT USA, responsible for driving the mobile banking strategy while using innovation to simplify the customer experience for 40 million digital customers as well as using big-data and analytics to drive engagement at a NPS of 66! Due to the success of the ING DIRECT mobile app in the marketplace, Kjell got to co-ring the opening bell at New York Stock Exchange. Kjell also conceptualized and designed Planet Orange, an award winning financial literacy edutainment site for kids 6-12 years old that won awards from Wall Street Journal, Parents Magazine and Apple. Additionally, Kjell is a certified digital disruptor by Harward Business. Kjell is a global keynote speaker and was selected as one of the 25 innovators invited nationally to help the World Bank develop low cost digital ideas and POC's.

Kjell can say "no-onions" in 22 languages and enjoys playing soccer, volunteering in the community, advising start-up's, riding motorcycles, golf, cooking and shooting sporting clays.

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