What's the point of taking training classes?

Oct 19, 2017 10:16:00 AM / by Sheri Clemiss


So you graduated with your degree in IT -  how long ago?  And you have been learning lots as you have worked at different jobs and on different teams.  But you keep getting emails about taking this training or that course and wonder ...  Is it worth spending the money?  I've been doing this IT stuff for several years now, I know what I'm doing.  What's the point of taking any of these training courses?


Here are some reasons to click 'REGISTER':

1.  Would you be comfortable if your doctor, dentist or PT didn't participate in Continuing Education?  

Even with a degree and internships etc. there is always more to learn.  Your coding or developing skills are your clinical skills.  Don't think anyone's life is dependent on them?  Maybe you don't code or develop for life saving health care software but the degree to which technology is integrated into everyone's daily lives means you can make a difference!


2.  Things change and the only sure thing in life is change.  

Agile methodologies are now pervasive in the world of IT.  Depending on where and when you graduated, you might not have learned the basics you really need to know now.  And if you did learn some basics on agililty what about DevOps? SAFe?  And what about the number of coding languages that exist now ?  The IT field will continue to 'develop'.


3.  Wonder what people who work for other companies are doing?

Taking a training course allows you in interact with people from other organizations that have different experiences and viewpoints.  If you feel your company is dysfunctional in some or many ways, spending time with employees from other companies can make your home base look like Shangri-la or give you ideas on how to make life better for you and your teammates.


4.  Want to make your life easier?

As agile methodologies have developed and automated testing is quickly becoming the norm, life gets easier for those in IT.  It may not feel that way at first, but take an automated testing course and see for yourself!  When you work on projects with 2-3 week sprints and code is tested as you develop there is such a sense of accomplishment!  In the world of instant gratification that we live in automated testing just makes sense and makes life as a developer easier.


5.  Want to make more $$?  

The reality is the larger your tool box, broader your experience and deeper your knowledge of the IT world the more opportunities you will have.  Ongoing training does all three as well as allow you to network among others in the IT realm.  Building up that resume is important to win a promotion with your current company or initiate a move to another employer or contracting company.  Whether you stay or go,  you improve your chances to look for more compensation - $$!  


Ready to REGISTER??  Check out the next AgileTrailblazers automated testing course !

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Written by Sheri Clemiss

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