AgileTrailblazers Health Care Proof of Concept using Google Glass

Sep 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM / by Kjell Hegstad posted in HEALTHCARE, GOOGLE GLASS, Digital Strategy, Innovation, POC, Products, Proof of Concept


Wearables as a technology category is emerging as one of the leading technologies within health care. Whether it is Mixed Reality (MR) via the holo-lens, Virtual Reality (VR) from Samsung Gear or Oculus, or Augmented Reality (AR) from Apple, the industry consensus is that these technologies are here to stay.

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ATB Announces an ARKit Proof of Concept

Sep 14, 2017 8:19:02 AM / by Kjell Hegstad posted in Digital Strategy, Innovation, POC, Products, Proof of Concept, Arkit


Apple just announced their iPhone 8 series and the next-gen iPhone X. What was the buzz all about? A lot of the press and media is about the ARKit and how Apple is positioning the iPhone to be the World's largest AR platform. We at ATB want to be in front of this technology so we built a POC around the ARKit shown below in the video. Where does a POC fit in within an enterprise? Our Digital Transformation overview image below - is depicting where in the process a POC may be helpful for you - as you consider whether a POC is right for you. Specifically, an AR POC can apply to any segment, not just gaming; Education, Training, Social Media, E commerce, Sports and Health-Care.
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