Getting Started with JIRA Portfolio 2.0

Jul 11, 2016 7:10:02 AM / by Ashley Hope posted in JIRA, Portfolio, Atlassian, Modernized Technology, Software Delivery, Agile Software Delivery, JIRA Portfolio

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JIRA Portfolio is a powerful tool which provides an easy way to manage one or more teams' backlogs and schedule work for months at a time. Portfolio for JIRA 2.0, which was just recently released, brings many useful changes including an easy startup wizard to create a new plan, powerful forecasting tools, and a much tighter integration with your JIRA Boards. Learning to use Portfolio 2 could be a challenge for both experienced Portfolio users as well as JIRA users thinking of trying Portfolio for the first time. Either way, this guide will walk you through setting up and getting started with Portfolio 2.

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Agile Organizational Design – Agile Software Delivery

Jun 25, 2013 8:07:15 AM / by Brian posted in Agile, Agile Organizational Design, Scaled Agile Framework, Scaling, Agile Software Delivery


Transforming to an agile software delivery model is filled with lots of challenges, especially when you are talking about solutions delivered in an organization of a large scale. In these large organizations, one of the most common practices to achieve perceived efficiency is to build an organization of specialists. Every specialist knows how to get their specific tasks done very efficiently. Additionally, large companies typically have very large and complex software architectures for their systems. Between the specialists and the complex architectures, the job of getting the entire solution delivered is actually very inefficient since it “takes a village” (often a very big village) to get anything delivered. The most intrusive inefficiency with these organizational models is that they are not designed with support for natural delivery flow.

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