4 Essential Skills for a QA Engineer in an Agile Environment - Modernized Technology & Testing

Aug 8, 2016 1:56:25 PM / by Sanjay Zalavadia posted in DevOps, Agile, Agile Testing, Zephyr, Automated Testing, Quality Assurance, Testing, Modernized Technology


Teams are an intricate balance of skills, cooperation, leadership and willingness to go the extra mile to make a quality product. Each grouping has individuals with specific roles and responsibilities, as well as a chain of command to help guide the team to success. Within a testing team, the QA Engineer plays an integral part that helps testing run smoothly and ensures that all projects are thoroughly evaluated.

Although the QA Engineer isn't the top dog in the team, he or she does report to the QA Manager. The person in the QA Engineer role essentially takes the requirements and test strategies and generates test plans. But that's not all. These individuals also execute these tests, leverage QA testing tools to report issues and analyze test results to mitigate problems and create better tests. This is obviously an important position to be in, but many don't fully understand what capabilities are needed. Let's take a look at some of the essential skill requirements for a QA engineer:

  • Communication
  • Product Understanding
  • Coding and Creativity
  • Automation
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Getting Started with Zephyr for JIRA in 5 Easy Steps

Jun 9, 2016 3:50:51 PM / by Jack Ozment posted in JIRA, Agile Testing, Scrum, Zephyr, Test Management, Atlassian, Modernized Technology

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The lack of built-in test support for JIRA can feel like a strange omission. Luckily, there are multiple JIRA plugins that add testing support to JIRA, the most popular of which is Zephyr. However, JIRA and Zephyr are extremely flexible tools, and getting their full value requires a team understanding of testing practice, and integrating those practices into JIRA.

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