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Sep 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM / by Kjell Hegstad

Wearables as a technology category is emerging as one of the leading technologies within health care. Whether it is Mixed Reality (MR) via the holo-lens, Virtual Reality (VR) from Samsung Gear or Oculus, or Augmented Reality (AR) from Apple, the industry consensus is that these technologies are here to stay.

Where does a POC fit in within an enterprise? Our Digital Transformation overview image below is depicting where in the process a POC may fit - as you consider whether a POC is right for your enterprise.

Design thinking is a critical methodology to both understand and apply as you consider a POC and especially as you progress to MVP or even the 1.0 version of your intended product. This help in creating a vision for what the use case might solve, how it might be solved and what the cost might be, while increasing the odds of buy-in from the stakeholders.


dt-framework-product-pop-up (1)


While the google glasses never took off in the consumer segment - for various reasons - they are experiencing a bit of resurgence within the health care sector. On behalf of a client, we built a POC around a medical transport team using google glasses to make a video call to E.R. while in transport. Enjoy the video!





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Written by Kjell Hegstad

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