DevOps Practices: 3 Point Health Checklist for Asset Management, CI/CD & Monitoring

Top 5 Atlassian and ALM Pain Points and How to get the value you hoped for!

Agile at Scale Requires a Special Kind of Leadership: Guest Blog Series

Don’t Take Baby Steps: Guest Blog Series

Non-Technical Agile Leads to Waterfall: Guest Blog Series

Agile Coaching Intensive Series - Episode 3 - The Agile Coaching Roadmap

Agile Coaching Intensive Series - Episode 2 - The 5 W's of the Agile Team Facilitator

Agile Coaching Intensive Series - Episode 1 - Agile Coaching Roles

The 3 Agile Foundations of Release Orientation

Making the Agile Move

Envision Your Agile Destination - Release Orientation

Seeing the World Through Agile-Colored Glasses

What's the point of taking training classes?

AgileTrailblazers Health Care Proof of Concept using Google Glass

ATB Announces an ARKit Proof of Concept

Getting Started with the Elastic Stack

Make Your Tests Saucey - Running Selenium Tests Against Multiple Platforms and Browsers

Rake Up and Optimize Your Automated Tests

How-To Dockerize a Web Application

Quick Start To Generate Tones In Javascript

5 Step Application Deployment in AWS using Apache Mesos and Marathon

See How Agile Can Improve Everyday Operations

An Overview of Agile Team Design

DevOps: Faster Development With Safety

What to Look for in an Agile Training Course

All you wanted to know about Responsive Design - summarized!

7 Benefits of User Story Mapping

How to Start an AngularJS Application

3 things about Agile requirements roles that you want to know

3 reasons why CEOs need to care about Agile

Let's Go Deal with Nexus Repository Manager

Avoiding the Agile Tool Trap

Getting the most out of Cucumber, Gherkin and Selenium

The Daily Scrum – It’s Not Your Father’s Status Meeting

The 6 Top Scrum Myths Debunked

3 Easy Agile Fixes to Boost Your Productivity of your Agile Implementation

How can Agile make you faster, more innovative, and competitive? Learn about Agile Methodology

Advanced Selenium: Multiple Browsers and Environments

How to install and run Apache JMeter in 8 easy steps

3 Step Tutorial - Node.js Express Framework For Rapid Web Application Development

Choosing an Agile Project Management Tool for your Agile Organization

3 Scenarios To Consider in Gherkin's GWT Format for User Stories

Sync Spaces in Contentful With Proper Handling of Embedded URLs

Traceability is the Key to Usability for System Documentation

The "Gotcha" in Switching to Git/Gerrit for Code Review

The 5 Step Guide for Selenium, Cucumber, and Gherkin

4 Core Concepts You Need to Understand SQL Databases

Getting Started with Jenkins Pipeline in 4 Steps

Automated Testing with Selenium Grid and Jenkins in 3 Steps

4 Essential Skills for a QA Engineer in an Agile Environment - Modernized Technology & Testing

How to Make Your Scrum Master Happy Using JIRA Integrations

4 Things You MUST Have in Order to Say You’re Doing DevOps

7 Signs Your Architecture Is Not Agile-Ready

Getting Started with JIRA Portfolio 2.0

4 Sure-Fire Signs Your Company Needs DevOps

High Code Coverage Means You Have Quality Tests, Right? Wrong!

6 Reasons to use Postman/Newman for API Integration Testing

DevOps Story - The Greatest Story Never Told

Getting Started with Zephyr for JIRA in 5 Easy Steps

Fostering a Culture of Commitment – Dedicated to achieving Sprint Goals

How does an organization foster a Culture of Commitment?

Q&A with Joe Campbell: On DevOps Part 2:New Tools, Metrics, and Lessons of Continuous Delivery

Why is a Culture of Commitment so impactful in an organization?

4 Ways in which the US Insurance Industry is Disrupting Itself | Digital Strategy - Visioning

Q&A with Joe Campbell: On DevOps

Being lean doesn’t mean being mean

What does a Culture of Commitment feel like in an organization?

Is Your Test Automation Portfolio Ready For Acceleration? Or Will It Slow You Down?

Commitment is Not a 4-Letter Word in Sprint Planning

We are Speaking: Lean and Agile – A Mindset – Not Just A Methodology

Enterprise DevOps Accelerates Release Orientation Adoption

Enterprise Release Management Orchestration

SAFe for Small Value Streams – The Portfolio Level and Wrapping It Up

We are speaking at Continuous Delivery Summit (CD Summit) in Washington DC!

We are speaking at Agile DC!

When Planets Align

Joy, Inc. - Great read, great approach!

Thanks for a great Scrum Gathering 2014!

Making the Agile Move

Agile Enterprise Portfolio Management for Release Orientation

From the "Ugly Box of Ideas" to an Agile project - Digital Strategy & Release Orientation

What is Release Orientation?

We’re speaking at Agile PA!

Blazed and Confused - Agile Transformation

We’re speaking at Scrum Gathering New Orleans 2014!

Sixth installment - the starting problem series - the worst leadership mistake

The Starting Problem Series - Fifth installment - Is innovation and reward important in agile transformation?

The Starting Problem Series – The Problem with Agile Recipe Books

The Starting Problem Series – Realistic Agile Transformation Expectations

The Starting Problem Series – The Agile Resource Allocation Dilemma – Part 2

Passed the Certified Scrum Professional Exam!

The Starting Problem Series - The Agile Resource Allocation Dilemma - Part 1

The Big Lever

Team Design Patterns – Feature teams with mixed-composite skills

Team Design Patterns – Wrapping it up

Team Design Patterns – Feature teams supported by component teams

Team Design Patterns – Large Feature Teams

Team Design Patterns – Feature Teams and Component Teams

Team Design Patterns – Ideal Team Structure (ITS)

Agile Organizational Design – Agile Software Delivery

SAFe for Small Value Streams – The Program Level

SAFe for Small Value Streams – The Team Level

SAFe for Small Value Streams – Small Value Stream Pattern Explained

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for Companies with Small Value Streams

SAFe for Small Value Streams – Business Intent Flow and Organizing to Deliver Program Level Features

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