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Apr 21, 2014 4:24:36 AM / by Brian

We are happy to announce that Naeem and Brian will be Keynote Speakers at Agile PA on Wednesday, May 14th, at 6 PM. Our session is called “Hop Onto the Release Orientation Trolley”. This session will first be presented at Scrum Gathering on Tuesday May 6. This session builds on concepts from our Scrum Alliance article, “The Big Lever” - so take a look!

Hope to see you there!

Speakers: Brian Barr, Naeem Hussain

Location: Conference Center Building, Penn State University, Great Valley, PA




This session will cover the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of release orientation:

1) What does it mean to be a release-oriented organization? (WHAT)

2) Why should you move to release orientation? (WHY)

3) How do you make the shift to become a release-oriented organization? (HOW)

WHAT (25 minutes): Project oriented organizations focus entirely on getting a related set of intent packaged into a container called a project and seeing that entire container move through from requirements generation to software release. Release-orientated organizations are singularly focused on continuously getting releases out the door that maximize business value delivery without being constrained to only releasing related business intent in the portfolio. To achieve continuous delivery, organizations must apply lean thinking and principles to every aspect of their delivery frameworks and minimize the overhead associated with making releases with high quality.

WHY (10 minutes): Release-orientation gets the entire organization to focus on the most important reason we exist as software developers – maximizing business value delivery through frequent, quality software releases. Moving the organization towards release-orienting thinking provides an invaluable lens for wise organizational decision making.

PROS/CONS Game (35 minutes): Now that the room has a base understanding of the WHAT and WHY of Release Orientation, we will break into groups at each table to play the Pros/Cons Game.

HOW (15 minutes): The move from project-orientation to release-orientation is both a mindset shift as well as a framework practice change. For too many years, we as software developers, IT shops, and businesses have been successful delivering projects.

Q&A (5 minutes): The session will finish with a brief questions and answers section.

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Written by Brian

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