Jack Ozment

Jack Ozment
Jack is a Quality Analyst at Cirruslabs, LLC. He started as a Quality Assurance Engineer at konciergeMD and Accolade, Inc., developing automated test scripts as well as manual testing. Jack specializes in web QA with Selenium IDE, Webdriver, and Grid, enabling him to easily run a suite of tests against multiple operating systems and browsers simultaneously. Additionally, Jack is proficient at manual testing and test case management with Jira and Zephyr. Diligent and creative with an eye for usability, Jack takes pride in ensuring that an application is not only functional but also efficient and intuitive. He graduated from Temple University with a B.M. in Jazz Performance and a Minor in Computer Science, and has developed with Java, jQuery, and HTML/CSS, as well as the HubSpot Website CMS.
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Automated Testing with Selenium Grid and Jenkins in 3 Steps

Aug 10, 2016 11:03:41 AM / by Jack Ozment posted in Agile Testing, continuous testing, Automated Testing, Continuous Integration, selenium grid, Selenium, Jenkins, Modernized Technology


Selenium Grid is a powerful tool for testing web applications across browsers and operating systems, but incorporating it into a Continuous Integration pipeline can be frustrating. Integrating the Grid with a CI/CD server is complex, and a misstep during setup can lead to unreliable test errors, and down that path lies madness. Here at AgileTrailblazers, we use the Selenium Grid plugin for Jenkins to quickly execute our UI tests on every build against multiple operating systems and browsers, so front-end bugs are squashed early.

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Getting Started with Zephyr for JIRA in 5 Easy Steps

Jun 9, 2016 3:50:51 PM / by Jack Ozment posted in JIRA, Agile Testing, Scrum, Zephyr, Test Management, Atlassian, Modernized Technology

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The lack of built-in test support for JIRA can feel like a strange omission. Luckily, there are multiple JIRA plugins that add testing support to JIRA, the most popular of which is Zephyr. However, JIRA and Zephyr are extremely flexible tools, and getting their full value requires a team understanding of testing practice, and integrating those practices into JIRA.

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