Kai Prout

Kai Prout
Kai Prout is a Web Developer and DevOps specialist for Cirruslabs, LLC. Kai has experience integrating DevOps technologies into real world applications in order to decrease time-to-deployment and to optimize performance among software development teams. He is well organized and methodical allowing him to predict outcomes and to make best-fit decisions in technology and management. Kai works with upper management to implement and improve objectives and to ensure completion of tasks by the use of lateral thinking and agile principles. Kai is profoundly driven and perfectionistic by nature, which has fueled his passion for business optimization by automating processes and helping others unlock their true potential. Kai has a background working with a large number of technologies including Java, Ruby, JavaScript, C#, and Node. His work focuses on researching and implementing DevOps practices in order to support AgileGPS®, Continuous Business Value Delivery (CBVD)®, and AgiLEAD® models.
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Getting Started with Jenkins Pipeline in 4 Steps

Aug 15, 2016 12:38:48 PM / by Kai Prout posted in DevOps, Jekins Pipeline, Jenkins, Modernized Technology


If you are familiar with open-source Jenkins, you understand that it is an award-winning continuous integration and deployment tool for a reason. It’s growing ecosystem of plugins has taken Jenkins to the next level providing extended features and added functionality.

However, an integral part of replicating your software delivery workflow is the ability to represent your delivery model visually while automating the process; with Enterprise Jenkins, you can completely re-write the script pun intended to accomplish this through the Pipeline Plugin.

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