Ifti Khan

Ifti Khan
Ifti has 15+ years of experience in developing products for Telecommunications Industry. His work includes algorithm developement and software developement on FPGAs, DSPs, embedded linux, .NET, Android and Windows tablet. He completed his Master's and Professional Engineer Degree from George Washington University in Telecommunications. He has published multiple IEEE research papers and is a contributor to a US patent.

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Quick Start To Generate Tones In Javascript

Jul 13, 2017 8:46:00 AM / by Ifti Khan posted in Modernized Technology, javascript

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5 Step Application Deployment in AWS using Apache Mesos and Marathon

Jul 10, 2017 8:21:12 AM / by Ifti Khan posted in DevOps, Modernized Technology, Apache, Marathon



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3 Step Tutorial - Node.js Express Framework For Rapid Web Application Development

Sep 15, 2016 11:33:10 AM / by Ifti Khan posted in Node.js, Express, Application Lifecycle Management, Modernized Technology, Software Delivery


Heard about Node.js and Express but are confused where to start? Well, here you can find 3 easy steps to create and run Express application in Node.js on a Mac OS.

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Sync Spaces in Contentful With Proper Handling of Embedded URLs

Sep 6, 2016 9:01:40 AM / by Ifti Khan posted in contentful, sync spaces


Why Sync Spaces?

Contentful provides spaces to group related resources into one repository. The content from these spaces can then be retrieved using Contentful’s Content Delivery APIs. In situations where development is occurring on a website while a live (production) website is available and both are using the same space, there is a danger that development changes will be visible on the live website. To avoid running into such situations, it is desirable to have separate spaces for development and production and have a mechanism to sync these spaces periodically in a controlled environment.

Challenges While Syncing Spaces

There are some sync tools currently out there that provide a mechanism to sync from one space to another. However, these tools have limitations:

  1. Most of these sync tools are command-line based.
  2. They don’t provide a mechanism for the user to know the differences between the spaces and accept the changes for synchronization.
  3. They fail to modify embedded URLs properly (to the Media in the space) within a Content.
In our experience, the embedded URL issue (#3) has caused us some major headaches.  After the sync process, this leaves the Content in the production space pointing at the Media in development space. Not a good situation!
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